Village Baptist Church Pastor Position Description

Role:  The pastor’s role in the Body of Christ is to feed and lead congregations and communities through the ministries of preaching and teaching God's Word and administering the Sacraments—baptism and the Lord's Supper. The role of pastor in Christ's Church is a servant role.

Professional Qualifications

•    Ordained Baptist minister with at least 3-5 years pastor ministry experience
•    Graduate theological degree from Association of Theological Schools- accredited educational institution
•    Devout personal faith in Christ in the Baptist tradition

Knowledge, Skills, and Character

•    Comprehensive knowledge of the Bible
•    Possess strong integrity exemplary of a spiritual leader of the church
•    Strong religious conviction
•    Ability to show impartiality, patience, perseverance and fiscal responsibility
•    Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
•    Ability to show compassion for struggles and concerns of others
•    Ability to relate and minister to a wide diversity of congregants
•    Provide effective leadership of church operations.

Working Conditions:

•    The position of pastor requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings, holidays and weekends.
•    The pastor should be in the office and/or be accessible a sufficient amount of time to meet with members of the congregation, prospects, and members of the church staff.

Responsibilities – oversee management of all areas of the congregation’s ministry (additional details below)

•    Provide spiritual, pastoral, outreach, administrative and servant leadership to the congregation
•    Prepare weekly sermons that capture the essence of the biblical vision; preach and conduct worship services
•    Interpret biblical scripture for the congregation
•    Visit and comfort the sick, shut-in and bereaved
•    Provide counseling to the congregation and prospects
•    Officiate at special services (e.g., baptisms, weddings, funerals, infant dedications, etc.)
•    Collaborate with church music leaders to integrate appropriate worship music into church services
•    Attend monthly church council and deacon meetings, and some commissions meetings to coordinate ministries
•    Support, supervise and evaluate church staff
•    Ensure church facilities are functioning
•    Represent the congregation in denominational or community organizations and activities to learn new ways the church can support and engage with the surrounding area
•    Develop and share a vision (or plan) for the church to show spiritual growth and membership growth.


This is a full-time position. In addition to salary, compensation can include retirement, housing allowance, health insurance, automobile allowance, book/education allowance, travel/conference allowance, paid parental leave.

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