November 10, 2002 - Return to the Village Building

After 34 months without a building of our own, Village returned to a new building, risen from the ashes.  These are some snapshots from the day.

At Bowie Alliance Church
Bowie Alliance Church hosted the Village congregation since the fire.
Bowie Alliance Pastor David Smock holds the altar cross presented by Village to Bowie Alliance.

march to Village
Beginning of the march back to the Village building. 
Saxophone-led march
Led by Les Owen's saxophone and a Village banner, the march leaves Bowie Alliance to go home to Village. 

walking to Village 1
Walk to Village 2
entering the door
Pastor Bruce Salmon leads the entry through the front door.
The Mitchells carried the banner.
aisle procession
The choir and the worship dance ensembles process down the aisle. 
Children joined the praise ensemble to sing (and sign) "Deep and Wide"

Pastor Salmon offers recognition for some of the leaders of the rebuilding effort - Gracen and Dottie Joiner on the left
and Pete and Leslie Parreco on the right.  Gracen and Pete co-chaired the building committee.

Village singers
Choir Director Dianne Webster leads the choir and praise ensemble in "Antiphonal Praise"

Village Baptist Church (the people) in the new Village Baptist Church building.

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