History of Village Baptist Church

In 1968 Belair Baptist Church of Bowie, Maryland began a mission congregation in the southern part of Bowie known as Pointer Ridge.  A house at 15725 Pointer Ridge Drive was purchased for $29,385.  On November 16, 1968 the first worship service was conducted with Belair pastor Rev. Richard Brackin presiding.  In October of 1969 Dr. Kenneth Bradshaw came as the first full-time pastor of Village Baptist Chapel.  The Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and the State Mission Board of the Maryland Baptist Convention supplemented his salary, along with the First Baptist Church of Wylie, Texas.  Dr. Bradshaw resigned in 1970 to accept a teaching position with the University of Corpus Christi.  Maury Sweetin chaired the Pulpit Committee which sought his replacement.  What follows are some historical highlights beginning with 1971, the year that Village became an autonomous church.

1971 – Rev. John Woodall came as second pastor;

                        two choirs established, led by Martha Potter and Carole Woodall;

                        Bible study led by Dr. Arthur Walker;

                        Church constitution adopted;

                        Village constituted as a church on May 23, 1971;

                        Lee Brunner came as first summer missionary;

                        Gracen Joiner, Hugh Lytton, and Maury Sweetin elected as deacons;

George Robinson became choir director in November;

first Thanksgiving celebration;

Dr. Wendell Belew, Home Mission Board, spoke in December.

1972 – Rev. Woodall led January Bible Study on Job;

                        Congressman John Buchanan spoke;

                        Catholic and Baptist ministers exchanged pulpits in February;

                        Mother’s Day Out program begun, led by Joan King,

                        church accepted into the Prince George’s  Baptist Association; 

                        Family Life Conference led by Dr. Robert Powell;

                        Gail Mason (Fusco) came as summer missionary;

                        Doug Miles elected as deacon;

                        Women In Action held their first Christmas Dinner;

                        choir presented Christmas cantata.

1973 – Building Fund established with $1500;

                        new Annex at 15715 Pointer Ridge Drive;

                        church renewal weekend led by Gene Puckett;

                        Washington Pastoral Counseling Service began using Annex for counseling;

                        Rev. Woodall resigned in June;

                        Pulpit Committee formed, chaired by Peggy Turnbow;

Rev. Charles Barnes called as interim minister;

Rev. John Saunders led worship service on the day of the explosion.

 1974 – Rev. Dan Ivins came as third pastor in February;

                        Diane Watts hired as church secretary;

                        Debbie Baker came as summer missionary;

                        church picnic held at the Stogners’;

                        Dr. Eric Rust was guest speaker;

                        Dick Price elected as deacon;

                        choir sang at the Baptist Home.

1975 – Dr. Dale Moody led Deeper Life Weekend;

                        Dr. Walt Jackson led deacons’ training;

                        4 acres on Mitchellville Road purchased for $42,500;

                        pastoral counseling ministry led by Barry Click;

                        A.A. group began meeting in Annex;

                        Eddie Kjelshus came as summer missionary;

                        church sponsored Vietnamese refugee family;

                        interdenominational Vacation Bible School begun at Pointer Ridge Elementary School;

                        Hugh Lytton and N. A. Wynn elected as deacons;

                        first issue of “Village Voice” – December 23, 1975;

                        Ruth Dugan began as church organist.

1976 – Missions Commission helped start FISH;

                        Rev. Ivins led January Bible Study on Romans;

                        deacons began Family Ministry plan;

                        adult choir, led by George Robinson, presented Easter cantata;

                        Family Life Conference led by Dr. Bill Blevins;

                        Beth Ann Brooks came as summer missionary;

                        ecumenical Advent service held at St. Edward’s Catholic Church’s new building

                        Julie Terrell became church secretary in August;

                        Gracen Joiner, Doug Miles, and Harry Seabrooke elected as deacons;

                        deacons held “flock fellowship” dinners at parsonage.

1977 – new Baptist Hymnals (1975 edition) given by donor;

                        Gloria Newton became church secretary in February;

                        Deeper Life Weekend led by Dr. Glenn Hinson, with Holy Week service of foot-washing;

                        Thompsons sponsored yard sale for building fund;

                        annual church picnic at Watkins Park;

                        Hugh Meadows; Harry Seabrooke, Maury Sweetin, and Dave Thompson elected as deacons;

                        Exodus Event led by Rabbi Cashdan;

                        Halloween Party, with auctioneer, Ron Knode.

1978 – Building Committee established, led by Gracen Joiner;

                        Bible conference led by Dr. Frank Stagg;

                        baptism held at Coopers’ swimming pool;
bazaar held in October with proceeds to Building Fund;

                        Jo Reiter became every-week church pianist;

                        Jack Henry, Dick Price, and Jo Reiter
elected as deacons;

                        historical highlights presented by Beth Price.

1979 – seminar on “Death and Dying” led by Rev. John Woodall;

                        Family Life Conference led by Mic Morrow;

                        adult retreat led by Gene Puckett;

                        Jim Tanner ordained on July 29;

                        Family Enrichment Center begun, led by Rose Schrott;

                        Ron Knode, Hugh Lytton, and Jeanette Robinson elected as deacons;

                        groundbreaking for new building, November 22;

                        Christmas play, “The Calling,” December 16.

1980 – last worship service in church house, January 6;

                        worship at South Bowie Community Center through April;

                        procession to new building on April 20;

                        dedication of new church building on May 25;

                        Youth Sunday held in August;

                        Gracen Joiner and Dave Thompson elected as deacons;

                        first Thanksgiving dinner in new building;

                        Village joined the D. C. Baptist Convention. 

1981 – first WIA retreat held at Angela Sweetin’s;

                        “Six Mix,” sponsored by the Fellowship and Recreation Commission;

                        first church pictorial directory;

                        first book by Dan Ivins, God’s People in Transition;

                        Capital City Brass benefit concert for music fund;

                        Betty Click elected as deacon;

                        Family Life Conference led by Dr. Lofton Hudson. 

1982 – parent support group led by Rose Schrott;

                        church joined Bowie Interfaith Recreation Council;

                        Nancy Kaye Patterson came as summer missionary;

                        Dianne Webster became adult choir director;

                        Kathleen Rowe became children’s choir director;

                        second adult Sunday School class formed;

                        Pete Parreco elected as deacon;

                        Charles Chilton, former missionary, spoke.

1983 – “Peace with Justice” seminar led by Dr. Foy Valentine;

                        Maxine Brown began telling children’s story;

                        junior overnight led by Judy Knode and Nancy Wilson;

                        adult retreat led by Ron Brown;

                        Prince George’s Pastoral Counseling Center begun with Betty Click as director;

                        Angela Jo Norton came as summer missionary;

                        Ron Knode and Jeanette Robinson elected as deacons.

1984 – “Parenting by Grace” seminar led by Rev. Paul Clark;

                        Dr. Dan Ivins resigned as pastor in April;

                        Pastor Search Committee led by Maury Sweetin;

                        Dr. James Dunn called as interim pastor;

                        Ruth Dugan, Chris Lowery, and Dave Thompson elected as deacons;

                        Marriage Enrichment led by Betty and Barry Click.

1985 – Rev. Bruce Salmon came as fourth pastor, January 1;

                        Bibles (RSV) “adopted” for sanctuary;

                        “Hats Off to the Ladies” banquet prepared by men;

                        sex education retreat for youth and parents;

                        Gracen Joiner, Janis Miles, Angela Sweetin, and Maury Sweetin elected as deacons;

                        Capital Baptist Chorale presented concert;

                        Betty Swaffield began as new organist in December;

                        contributions exceeded requirements for first time.

1986 – Rev. Charles Barnes guest preacher on “Good News Sunday”;

floor plan for “west wing” expansion approved;
Joiner chaired building addition committee;

                         youth participated in “Hands Across America”;

                        Greg Beard, Doug Miles, and Jo Reiter elected as deacons;

                        first Homecoming celebrated;

                        new Rodgers electronic organ purchased, Ruth Dugan chaired Organ Committee;

                        Women In Action published first Village cookbook. 

1987 – groundbreaking service for west wing held in May;

                        Picnic Sunday held on church grounds;

                        hunger banks for Thanksgiving hunger offering;

                        Ron Knode, Pete Parreco, Julie Terrell, and Walt Townshend elected as deacons;                     

Prayer Seminar led by Dr. Raymond Bailey;

                        dedication of new west wing on November 22;

                        youth & children’s musical, “Why the Chimes Rang,” led by Kathleen Rowe and Linda Smith.

1988 – Bruce Salmon’s book, Storytelling in Preaching, published;

                        Survivors of Incest Anonymous group began meeting;

                        Bowie Brass Quintet concert, led by Carlton Rowe;

                        Sunday night study, “Introducing the N.T.”;

                        men’s softball team won post-season tournament; 

                        Sandwich Sunday ministry for Martha’s Table begun;

                        Leslie Parreco, Kathleen Rowe, and Dave Thompson elected as deacons;

                        choir closet constructed by Fred Terrell;

                        first annual Carol Sing held in west wing;

                        WIA Christmas project for Central Union Mission;

                        church voted to join the Southern Baptist Alliance (now The Alliance of Baptists).

 1989 – Salvation Army National Capital Band concert;

                        joint services with United Parish adult choir;

                        former pastor Dr. Dan Ivins preached in July;

                        parking lot lights installed;

                        Greg Beard, Gracen Joiner, and Greg Rice electedas deacons;

                        firewood cutting led by Fred Terrell and Pete Parreco;

                        World Missions Conference with home missionary Della Jo Hamrick and Baker Hill, missionary to Burkina Faso, Africa.

1990- “Raise the Roof” project for church in Burkina Faso;

                        choir cantata shown on Bowie cable television;

                        appreciation plaque presented to Dr. James Dunn;

                        Tim Blanton, Jo Reiter, John Mickley, Pete Parreco, Jo Reiter, Jeanette Robinson elected as deacons;

                        Outreach Program led by Paul and Rita Schuh;

                        youth ensemble begun, led by Kathleen Rowe and Angela Corbett.

1991 – Italian dinner prepared and served by Junior High class;

                        hymn survey, followed by “Top Twenty” hymn sing;

Red Cross and Chemically Dependent Anonymous Groups began meeting in church building;

Valentine gift box for troops in Saudi Arabia;

troops came home; donated to shelter in Hughesville;

                        missionary to Taiwan, Deborah Upton, spoke in May;

                        20th Anniversary Fund to purchase additional pews for back of the sanctuary and new church sign;

                        Homecoming, Rev. John Woodall guest preacher;

                        Joel Smith, Carlynn Thompson, and Gordon Waite elected as deacons;

                        children’s coats donated to Salvation Army.

1992 – new bulletin design with color photo of picture window;

                        Bowie Brass Quintet concert for pew fund;

                        Passover Seder & Communion on Maundy Thursday;

                        Pittsburgh Girls’ choir concert in May;

                        Rev. and Mrs. Julian Orrell presented slides of Lottie Moon Mission Trip to China”;

                        new 8:45 a.m. contemporary worship service begun October 18;

                        Mike Collings, Steve Cutcliffe, Kathleen Rowe, and Dave Thompson elected as deacons;

                        church golf tournament held at Crofton Country Club;

                        Linda Smith began as church pianist. 

1993 – Fourth Sunday Forum adult discussion group;

                        eight new pews installed in sanctuary;

                        Milton Allred, missionary to Mexico, and Molly Hauser, missionary to Africa, spoke;

                        “Splendor of Easter” trip to Lancaster, PA;

                        Ann Garner, Mark Miles, Leslie Parreco, Julie Terrell, Carlton Rowe, Kim White elected as deacons;

                        first Men’s Prayer Breakfast held in December.

1994 – Winter Bible Study on the life of Christ led by Bruce Salmon;

                        new Bibles (NRSV) and Baptist Hymnals (1991);

                        Rev. Sammy Campbell, Director of the Johenning Baptist Center, sang and spoke;

                        Open Circle contemporary Christian music group led early service worship in June;

                        Fall Worship Celebration and Agape home meetings;

                        Homecoming preacher, Dr. Dan Ivins;

                        Angela Corbett, Pete Parreco, Jo Reiter, and Linda Salmon elected as deacons;

                        Chrismon Tree decorated for Advent;

                        new church sign installed in December;

                        Sign Committee:  Jennifer Lieber, Pete Parreco, Gracen Joiner, Fred Terrell.

1995 – Men’s Bible Study group begun by Pete Parreco;

                        Serendipity dinner and silent auction, led by Jennifer and Chip Lieber;

                        synthesizer donated by Serendipity group;

                        WIA “Rip, Zip, and Roll” for White Cross;

                        Rev. Tony Cupit of the Baptist World Alliance spoke;

                        Senior High Dinner Theatre, “Don’t Walk Like an Egyptian,” led by Lori and Greg Peery;

                        Chip Lieber, Angela Sweetin, Maury Sweetin, and Carlynn Thompson elected as deacons;

                        bag lunches prepared for Warm Nights ministry;

                        Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missions video shown during Advent worship services.

1996 – first Sunday in January “snowed out’ by blizzard;

                        Dr. Jere Allen, Executive Director of the D.C. Baptist Convention, spoke;

                        Easter Focus Groups met in homes during Lent;

                        Senior High class led early service in March;

                        Good Friday, “Leave Your Burdens at the Cross”;

                        Arson Fund to help rebuild burned churches;

                        men’s golf match vs. First Baptist, Laurel;

                        Rev. Brent Walker of Baptist Joint Committee spoke;

                        Steve Cutcliffe, Mark Miles, Kathleen Rowe, and George Whitlow elected as deacons;

                        “Going the Distance Together” couples walk;

                        Village home page on the World Wide Web;

                        Homecoming, 25th Anniversary celebration. 

1997 – Winter Bible Study on Book of Revelation led by Bruce Salmon;

Rev. Ron Rogers, P. G. Baptist Association, guest preacher;

                        Gloria Newton celebrated 20th anniversary as secretary;

                        Serendipity youth white-water rafting in West Virginia;

video series, “From Christ to Constantine”;

Melissa Rogers, Baptist Joint Committee, spoke

                        Pioneer Club began, led by Jeramie Bruce, Katja Fisher, Harriet Huskey, Debbie Knuth, and Betty Mitchell;

                        Ed Dellinger, Ron Moultrie, Leslie Parreco, and Dave Thompson elected as deacons;

                        vote to purchase choir robes.

1998 – Brass altar cross purchased from Memorial Fund;

                        Easter Offering for “Here’s Life Inner City” to support missionary Selma Smith;

                        Spaghetti dinner sponsored by Pioneer Club;

                        Stone porch planters purchased from Memorial Fund;

                        Summer Pie Social and Hymn Sing;

                        Mary Brewster, Linda Cutcliffe, Jo Reiter, Joel Smith, and Gordon Waite elected as deacons;

                        Ralph Stocks, CBF missionary to Romany, spoke;

                        Long Range Planning Committee established;

                        vote to adopt the CBF Romany/Gypsy ministry.

1999 – Dr. Duncan McIntosh, D. C. Baptist Convention, approved asconsultant for Long Range Planning Committee;
Recognition of Counselor Rose Schrott for 20 years of Community service;

                        Women In Action retreat with local author, Marilyn Anderes;

                        “Meeting Your Mate’s Needs” couples retreat;

                        New Outreach Commission formed;

                        Pete Parreco, Angela Sweetin, and Maury Sweetin elected as deacons;

                        October World Missions Conference;

                        99 padded folding chairs purchased;

                        New Year’s Eve midnight millennium prayer service.

2000 – Church building burned, Saturday, January 8;

                        worship at Pointer Ridge Fire Hall, January 9 & 16;

                        met at Bowie Alliance Church beginning January 23;

                        Adult Choir and Rose Schrott at United Parish Church;

                        rented church office from Dr. Surrendra Kumar;

                        baptism service at Cresthill Baptist Church;

                        Bibles donated by Maryland Bible Society;

                        hymnals donated by Riva Trace Baptist Church;

                        Building Committee chaired by Gracen Joiner and Pete Parreco;

                        Long Range Planning Committee hosted dinner for congregation at Belair Baptist Church;

                        Frank & Cindy Dawson, CVF missionaries to Romany in Russia, spoke;

                        Benefit concert at Cresthill Baptist Church;

                        Church picnic held at/with Bowie Alliance;

                        outdoor baptism at Parrecos’ pool;

                        Dr. Jere Allen, D.C. Baptist Convention, spoke;

                        ChurchAid Concert at Allen Pond Amphitheatre;

                        Steve Cutcliffe, Mark Miles, Kathleen Rowe, and Morris Vickers elected as deacons;

                        “Tackett Sisters” benefit concert;

                        Carol Sing at Collington Lifecare Community. 

2001 – Groundbreaking for new building on 1st anniversary of the fire;

                        Winter Bible Study on Luke led by Bruce Salmon at the home of Leslie and Pete Parreco;

                        Temple Solel Youth Group benefit spaghetti dinner;

                        visit from Selma Smith, Here’s Life Inner City;

                        new bulletin logo designed by Dave Knabel;

                        Charity Golf Tournament at Marlton, organized by Mike Sowers, raised over $10,000 for Building Fund;

                        Guest Preacher, Rev. Donnell Harris, Pastor Emeritus,Montgomery Hills Baptist Church;

                        Tracy Colburn, Dan Estrada, Linda Salmon, Dave Thompson, Twyla Vickers elected as deacons;

                        Shoebox Ministry through Samaritan’s Purse;

                        Daniel Vestal, Coordinator of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, spoke on December 10;

                        Carol Sing at Leslie Parreco’s dance studio.

2002 – Piano Keys fund drive to purchase baby grand piano;

                        Winter Bible Study on life of Paul led by Bruce Salmon at Pete and Leslie Parreco’s home;

                        Dr. Jeffrey Haggray, D.C. Baptist Convention, spoke;

                        Cornerstone Laying Service with The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of MD;

                        Dr. Stan Hastey, Alliance of Baptists, spoke;

                        Rev. Champion Chasara, President of the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe, spoke;

                        bandage rolling for Sanyati Baptist Hospital;

                        Rev. Pat Dingle hired as Youth Minister;

                        Linda Cutcliffe, Les Duncan, and Joel Smith elected as deacons;

                        November 10 – first service in new building;

                        Mitchellville Community School of the Arts began music lessons and art classes;

                        December 1 – Dedication Service with presentation of Altar cross by Capt. Joe Aiello, P.G. Fire Dept.;

                        Visit by T and Kathie Thomas, first CBF missionaries.

2003 – Winter Bible Study on 1 & 2 Samuel led by Bruce Salmon;

                        former Interim Pastor, Dr. James Dunn, guest preacher;

                        Dr. Stan Hastey, Alliance of Baptists; spoke;

                        Rev. Champion Chasara, guest preacher, along with Joice Ngozo, Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe;

                        “Bible Based Money Management Seminar” led by Dr. Morris Vickers;

                        summer Mission Trip to Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN;

                        music rack in choir room built by Vic Brown;

                        Leslie Parreco, Pete Parreco, Jo Reiter, Angela Sweetin, and Maury Sweetin elected as deacons;

                        Guest Preacher Paul Montacute, Director, Baptist World Aid, Baptist World Alliance;

                        James and Robbi Francovich, CBF missionaries toBanjara Gypsies in India, visited;

                        Christmas Music Program organized by Carlynn Thompson.

2004 – Winter bible Study on Romans led by Bruce Salmon;

                        Church Organist Betty Swaffield retired;

                        Voter education and registration program;

                        Dr. Jere Allen, Executive Director/Minister Emeritus, D.C. Baptist Convention, guest preacher;

                        vote to support Katherine Cooper, missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Cameroon, Africa;

                        dedication of first two scripture plaques;

                        dedication of the Wall of Remembrance with creators Oliver and Cynthia Smith;

                        guests from Zimbabwe, Rev. Dennis Dhula and Mr. Elias Maponga;

                        Celebration Singers concert from Boulevard Baptist Church, Anderson, SC;

                        Mission Trip to Detroit, MI;

                        Dr. Tom Rodgerson, Centrepointe Counseling, guest preacher;

                        Wednesday night dinners led by Gracen & Dottie Joiner;

                        Doug Barnett, Judy Dellinger, Mark Miles, Wayne Price, and Marion Shipman elected as deacons;

                        Ralph and Tammy Stocks, CBF missionaries to Romany Gypsies in Eastern Europe, spoke.

2005 – 20th anniversary Celebration for Bruce and Linda Salmon;

                        Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute by Pat Dingle, Wayne Price, and Bruce Salmon;

                        Warm Nights shelter program at Village;

                        Maundy Thursday Taize Worship service;

                        Rev. KingsleyPerrera, General Secretary, Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya, guest preacher;

                        Crime Victims’ Rights with guest, Mrs. Roberta Roper;

                        dedication of scripture plaques and registration stand;

                        summer schedule began with Picnic Sunday, June 5;

                        flags presentation by Tom Yoder & Mary Ann Pellerin;

                        Dr. Tom Rodgerson, Centrepointe Counseling, spoke;

                        Mission Trip to Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN;

                        Dr. Jeffrey Haggray, D.C.Baptist Convention, guest preacher;

                        Rev. Jerry Buckner, retired Baptist Campus Minister,University of Maryland, spoke.

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