Visitors from Zimbabwe

On April 30, 2006, Village welcomed back two visitors from the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe - Rev. Dennis Dhlula, the current President of the Convention, and Rev. John Mazvigadze, the Executive Director.  Our guests brought the latest news from that country, including their plans for continued evangelism.  We discussed ways that Village can continue to partner with baptists in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe guests Rev. Dhlula (left) and Rev. Mazvigadza being introduced during worship.

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Previous Visits

On May 2, 2004, Village continued its association with Baptists from Zimbabwe, hosting Rev. Dennis Dhlula, pastor of the Sanyati Baptist Church and first vice president of the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe, and Mr. Elias Maponga, director of the Baptist Camp and Conference Center in Zimbabwe. 
Rev. Dhlula and Mr. Maponga spoke at both worship services and Sunday School.  They then joined the Village congregation for an "international" pot-luck luncheon.

You can see some photos of our visitors' families in Zimbabwe here.

Dennis Dhulula
Rev. Dennis Dhlula
Zimbabwe visitors 2004
Pastor Bruce Salmon, Rev. Dhlula, Mr. Maponga, and Rev. Wayne Price
Elias Maponga
Mr. Elias Maponga

On April 14, 2002, Village was privileged to host a visit by Pastor Champion Chasara, President of the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe.  Pastor Chasara was visiting the United States for the Alliance of Baptists annual meeting.  Village has developed a tie to Zimbabwe Baptists by sending bandages and medical supplies to the Baptist hospital in Sanyati.

On April 27, 2003, Pastor Chasara again visited Village, this time with Ms. Joyce Ngozo, the Treasurer of the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe.  Pastor Chasara delivered the sermon at both services, including being joined by Ms. Ngozo for a Shona song about Jesus.  Both guests addressed the Adult Sunday School (which in Zimbabwe is called Sunday Bible Study) and joined Villagers for a Pot Luck lunch.
Pastor Salmon, Pastor Chasara, Ms. Ngozo
Pastor Champion Chasara of Zimbabwe, 
Pastor Bruce Salmon of Village, and Ms. Joyce Ngozo.
Pastor Chasara, Ms. Ngozo
Ms. Ngozo and Pastor Chasara during the worship service. 
Ms. Ngozo, Ms. Cutcliffe
Ms. Ngozo and Ms. Linda Cutcliffe visiting after the 
worship service. 
Chasara, Roy
Pastor Chasara and Mr. Roy Rakes enjoying some fellowship at lunch.                                      Photos: Linda Salmon

Follow-Up:  Bandage Rolling for the hospital in Zimbabwe
bandage rolling 1 bandage rolling 2
For several years, Villagers have volunteered to roll bandages and collect medical supplies for the Baptist Hospital in Zimbabwe.                                                                                                                            Photos by Sharon Hilty.